for B2B SaaS companies in APAC

We know the market

Market Report

We keep an eye on the Top 200 global hypergrowth SaaS companies who have expanded to APAC.

We have established relationships with 300 regional leaders: VP, CM, Head of Sales. We keep track of our own top 750 Account Executives, ranked by revenue generated and other key metrics.

Interview Report

We have interviewed 60 APAC Regional Vice Presidents of global B2B SaaS which are ranked among the top 1000 hypergrowth companies globally. We understand what matters to them, who is hiring, who has been let go, who is open for new opportunities and who is looking to grow their sales team across the region.

We build long term focused relationships with a selection of them and exchange value on our private quarterly calls. We support their growth, personal and professional, we build their teams.



Executive Search

We search and select for the following roles:

Regional Vice-President
Country Manager
Head of Sales, Head of Channels
Account Directors/Account Executives

In-depth Research & Market Intelligence

We use our deep research and data collection from high-quality conversations with talents to create a market landscape analysis for our clients. A data-driven approach that helps clients understand their attractiveness in the market.

Global Reach

We serve both US, EU and Asia headquartered B2B SaaS companies. Their founders rely on our services to expand in APAC by identifying the right leaders and revenue builders.

Our Clients


  • Hypergrowth B2B SaaS companies expanding in APAC
  • Luxury conglomerate
  • Global supply chain, sourcing and logistics
  • World leader in retail
  • Top 10 global management consulting
  • Venture builder

Our Commitment

We focus on quality and work ethic excellence. We only work on assignments we have 90%+ confidence to successfully close.

We commit to be your career strategy advisor.

Long-term Relationship

  • We are focus on high-quality interactions.
  • Our clients prefer when we recommend candidates whom we’ve known for years.
  • We choose to build long-lasting relationships with a selected group of people, not with everyone.
  • Over the next 20 years, we may regularly introduce you to highly relevant career opportunities.
  • You might reach out to us to build your high-performance team in your current or next role.


We do what it takes, each role deserves the best fit in the entire market.

Target Companies

We built a list of target companies and searched within each of them.

Reviewed Talents


We reviewed 5 or more relevant talents for each target companies.

Talents Contacted

We directly approach all relevant profiles: by: email, linkedin, phone and network introductions. We use automation and sequences.

Talent Interviews

45 min+ for each, with an experience comparison grid. Followed by a 2nd and 3rd round call for our behavioural interview.


We presented the best matching 3-5 candidates. Total search duration was 4 weeks.


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