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CIO, CTO, CDO career changes across the world

2019 January to March


Relevant global career changes: CIO/CTO/CDO

We keep track of all the relevant technology leaders accross the world. See below a brief extract of our database of career movements.

World (US/EU/APAC)

Global career changes



Industry with most moves.

new CDOs

Here are a few notable moves, the full list is visible below. For more details, contact us.

Dan Morales joins Universal Music Group as CIO, from eBay where he spent close to 8 years.

Fumbi Chima joins Adidas as CIO, from FOX Network where he was also CIO.

Katie Mullen Is now the Chief Transformation Officer at Neiman Marcus, after 10 years at BCG.

Stuart McGuigan is now CIO of the U.S. Department of State, joining from Johnson & Johnson.

Jim Scholefield joins Merck as CIDO from Nike where he was CIO 

Asia Pacific

Career changes

Financial Services


Industry with most moves.


Here are a few notable moves, the full list is visible below. For more details, contact us.

Darren Palfrey joins Li & Fung (11B$) as CDO from his own venture, Gravity Supply Chain

Dr. Claire Barber is promoted to CEO from CDO at Spark NZ (Telco, 2.4B$).

Robin Loh is promoted to CEO, Digital Business, from CDO at Allianz

Daniel Kohler is now CTO APAC at CHANEL (10 B$), he was previously APAC CTO at AXA.

Sheridan Ware joins Charter Hall as CITO from Cushman & Wakefield.

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Some articles & pieces of news


The CDO title – trend up or trend down?

Appoint a chief digital officer (CDO). Digital is not IT. 

More CDOs  ↑ — In Q1, Manulife, Foodstuffs NZ (4B$) and Li & Fung (25 B$) hired a CDO. There are now so many CDOs around that soon it will be the norm, not the trend. See market intelligence for the full list.

Less CDOs ↓ — Strategy& says the trend is over. They probably figured out that it’s easier to be on the side of the 4/5 of businesses resisting to change… and leave the top tier to buy McKinsey’s advice anyways 1, 2, 3. There are just too many companies driven by board & CEO with an old-fashioned mindset. They can either completely replace themselves, or hire a CDO to try to fix the company. Easy bet, right?

Pivotal software

“”we don’t often come across a company that still seems pretty reasonably valued and even offers some room for multiple expansion, let alone one that operates in a fast-growing field and is considered the market leader.”
Seeking Alpha

And from a talent perspective? They’ve just snagged Prudential’s Director of Security Architecture and Standard Chartered’s Global Head of Cloud Infra Services. Respectively Jerome Walter and Shaun Norris are now “Field CISO” and “Field CIO”. “Field?”, you ask. Indeed, Pivotal being a software company, these role have got to be pre-sales related. In-house, Lawrence Crowther just earned his CTO title after 6 years at the firm. Great career moves for Jerome and Shaun. If you’re a CIO, considering the software company path can really be a game changer in your career.

Today CIO, tomorrow CEO?

Clear as crystal: technology is the business. Economic and business growth is expected to come from technology and thus businesses require leaders who offer a greater dose of understanding of technology, to pour in the usual leadership skills mix. Extract from my 2015 article

It’s been 4 years that I advocate that. Indeed there are a number of caveats. But the point is, CIOs are eating in the market share of “CFO to CEO”. Here are one or two articles targeted at CFOs from which you can learn and make a parallel. Today, valuations are driven by how fast you become a technology company. A tech strategist at the top does make sense. I have a list of examples, just ask.

0.12345678% of APAC’s CTOs

We’re proud of our work in the search and selection of the new regional CTO for CHANEL (10B$), Daniel Kohler. His stellar reputation followed him from Switzerland to Asia. He was CTO for AXA. From Insurance to Luxury Retail, yes absolutely. We mapped 325 companies, 810 individuals and had 44 conversations with prospective talent to result in a shortlist of 5. One of 810, that’s 0.12345678%. And you, how do you know you’re hiring the best?

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