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Sales Leadership Search & Selection

We serve Founders/CEOs of US/Europe based Software-as-a-Service companies in planning their expansion to Asia, from a talent perspective.





Eduardo is a hardcore sales professional. He has this magic to sell a vision. He is relentless in following up, he knows his business. Overall, he is a great investment when it comes to hunting the best.

Ned Phillips

Founder & CEO, Bambu (Asia's Leading Robo-Advisor)

Build a powerful sales machine

we have the blueprints.


Engage Neofelis to search & select your future VP Sales in Asia Pacific. You can make this hiring decision a data driven one. Use our research and market intelligence: you’ll understand the talent market and more importantly, your attractiveness for top grade sales leaders.

How we do it

We define the role, the mission, the KPIs. We consolidate an extensive list of high-quality employers in which high potential individuals are exceeding their targets. In each business we find who does the most similar job, who they report to, who reports to them. With the talent mapped accross the market, we’ve got a bird’s eye view of the quality of available talent. Reaching out to them is an art in itself. Curious to know more? Reach out.

Optional: The “King’s benchmark” methodology

will connect you with two regional sales leaders that normally would not join your company (you can’t match their compensation, or any other reason). They will listen to your pitch, your go-to-market and your compensation structure. Our deliverable is an insightful report to help you understand your level of attractiveness from a Sales VP perspective’s. Adjustments you do based on these insights will allow you to attract a higher grade of Sales VP.