Shining & Amazing.

I qualify if:

  • I have 0 to 3 years of professional experience
  • I am very, very curious
  • I am sociable, polite and reliable

There’s a sparkle in your eyes? You’re full of energy?

Join us, become a partner of US Hypergrowth SaaS Startups. We’re an executive search firm, we search & select their most senior talent, from Director to Regional VP.

Learn: what it’s like to build a start-up, how US hypergrowth startups are expanding into Asia, a consultative approach to sales, the B2B SaaS space, how to build a team, a reputation, an expertise.

Develop: your perspectives, your attitude, your skills, your image.

Day to day: engage and converse with high performers & industry leaders. Intelligence & intuition: discover how to search & find rare information & talent.

Expect – Hands-on learning. Mistakes = growing. Everyday new challenges, change, great news, bad news, high emotions, though moments. The constant is personal growth.

Make it your launching pad. After that: new skills = career paths, even overseas. Join one of our clients. Create your own startup. Stay with us. Unlimited possibilities.

Why shining & amazing? What’s the point of building something if we’re not having fun in the process? There’s nothing more important than spending our days with people we like. Agree?

(3 month minimum internship)

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