Executive Search Technology

Engineering the future of executive search

Executive search expertise
& technology start-up DNA.
We’re born to update the industry.

We’ve dreamt the future of our industry.

We’re talking about optimization of time to deliver thanks to predictive technologies. We are able to provide a live estimation of candidate openness to change. Prioritize your calls, reach a short list of candidates in half the time.

Global partnerships
Open your eyes and see a global database of candidate contact information. You can contact more candidates, reduce the time to reach them, lower the unreachable rate, all this to reach service excellence and reduce time to fill. What was once a lawyer’s nightmare is now crystal clear, legal, compliant and structured in a fair partnership between boutique search firms.

Crowd-sourced mapping
The same partnership we just mentioned comes with an added benefit. You can crowd-source company mapping so that you can deliver your industry map in a short as a day, impress your clients and win the full search.

And so much more!

And now we’re building it.

We are the only executive search firm in the world which is born to build technologies for itself and it’s industry. Our fees earned from won assignments are commited to technology development. Our customers already benefit from the competitive advantage we gain with the beta version of our products.

Born decentralized, we have no office, no real estate, no marketing spend. We keep base salary and bonuses low to reinvest our fees into technology development. This comes in line with the long term commitment of our Partners to the success of the company. The side effect is that the same commitment applies to our clients and candidates. Looking at the future together makes all the difference.

We’re hiring!