unique, talented, hard to find

Neofelis was founded with the aim to redefine executive search through the development of technology.

Our name, why “Neofelis”?
Neofelis is a short name for a creature so rare, talented and difficult to locate that it makes a good analogy for our executive search services. Indeed both the Neofelis and the talent we seek are unique, extremely talented, require extensive search efforts to locate and when found must be approached with a high touch fashion.

The executive search firm with a real differentiator
We are the first executive search firm born to develop technologies for itself and its industry. Our fees are invested into technology development. We see achievable leaps forward in quality of service, time to deliver, market coverage and many other aspects of executive search. See our technology page for more information.

Executive search
We provide executive search services with a strong focus on technology. If you understand that technology can drive revenue in new ways every year, we can introduce you to the most brilliant technology leaders in Asia. Have a look at our track record and relationships for an idea of what we’re worth, and discover which segments, positions and industries we cover.

Our team

Eduardo de Barros

Eduardo de Barros

Founder, Asia, Technology Practice

Eduardo is an entrepreneur active in executive search and technology.

Prior to founding Neofelis, Eduardo was Head, CIO & FinTech Practice with a global top 5 executive search firm. Previously, he was the founder of a recruitment firm delivering technology experts to Swiss banks and luxury brands. Earlier he started his career as Chief Editor of a technology magazine, became a journalist and participated in setting up and growing technology startups in Edutech, Gaming and Networking.

+Technology leadership (CIO, CTO, CDO, CINO)
+Start-up leadership